Friday, December 6, 2013

Day 8

December 5, 2013
Day 8, Thursday 

A full day in a city of over 4 million people...Medellin, Colombia!  The day included taking a taxi ride into the city, then we took the metro to the cable car area, a cable car ride to the public library and to the heart of the people, then back to the pulse of where it was all happening, downtown Medellin! Plaza Botero, the Botero cafe and, of course! the famous museum.  Ever since I began to read about Medellin, I've been most intrigued by Fernando Botero, a native artist that depicts the lifestyle of Columbians in paintings, drawings, and sculptures. His work is always large!

One of my favorite sculptures.

The famous painting Pablo Escobar Is Dead.  Botero donated this painting to the museum in 2008.

As stated in the Botero Museum: "The figures painted and sculpted by Botero are not really "fat" they are his formal bid for expressing the sensuality of form, for exploring the possibilities of volume and to give monumentality to the protagonists which allows him to alter the laws of perspective and to place compositional items according to his formal needs."  Botero himself has said "What say is that they are not fat, but voluminous."

Me with Fernando Botero!

With Marcela overlooking the city.

With Deiter overlooking the city.

A landscape view with Deiter.

It is my understanding this is a typical village.  This is within site of the public library.  Our cable car ride gave us an aerial perspective of the living conditions.  This is one of the reasons I love to travel.  It truly gives me an appreciation of all I have and the opportunities that are afforded to me.

Downtown Medellin

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