Saturday, December 7, 2013

Day 10

Saturday, December 8, 2013
Day 10

Today I went for a walk to the creek with Marcela. It was so beautiful there! it reminded me of when I used to walk to the creek with my sisters when we lived on Bethel Hill Rd in Sweet Valley, Pennsylvania to fish and just hang out.  The big difference is there was a patch of bamboo trees growing and I never took notice  before of how different young bamboo trees look. As Marcela pointed out, they have a brown fuzzy covering that starts to peel and fall away as they become taller and more mature.  Just beautiful.

Collecting stones from the creek.

Pretty flowers along the way to the creek.

Beautiful view of a neighbor's property. At the bottom of the hill is a statue of The Blessed Mother.

Craig and Deiter going to fly for the final day.  Craig flew the Sledkin by Hyper Flight today. I watched from the hillside.  As he and Deiter were flying, Marcela and I watched approaching rain. The rain was to the north and she explained the rain usually did not reach the flying slope unless it was coming from the east.  She was right!  It was still very cool to see the rain approaching across the valley.

Craig decided to write a friendly note on blue masking tape to the TSA explaining how to re-lock the locks properly on the sports tubes since they were not locked properly we when retrieved the tubes in Medellin.  With Marcela's help, we also wrote it in Spanish!  Funny.

Our last full day in Giardota.  Hmmmmm....what have we enjoyed the most?  Our hosts!   Deiter and Marcela are the best hosts you could ask for.  In addition to sharing their beautiful home, they sincerely wanted to ensure we enjoyed ourselves with whatever we wanted to do.  They were our guides, and sometimes body guards (Marcela watched us like a hawk when we went into town), they really gave us exactly what we wanted from this vacation....a true taste of the local Colombian lifestyle!  We have made new friends for life.  I'm sure we will see you both again!

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  1. Thank you, Jeannie, for documenting your trip so well. I enjoyed reading every word!