Saturday, November 30, 2013

Day 4

December 1, 2013

This morning it was very cloudy, low visibility, no sun.  Craig and Deiter diligently watch the weather maps to determine if the sun will ever come out.  Leisurely morning with another lovely breakfast, some Tai Chi overlooking the valley, and several hours of bird watching. There is an art to watching for must first find one flying in to roost briefly atop a tree limb, telephone pole, fence, or wire, then pick up the binoculars to see if it is within range, if it is...quickly put the binoculars aside, grab the camera, zoom in and hope the shot is good.  You can then review the pages of the "Birds of South America" book to attempt to identify the species.  So far we observed various hummingbirds and birds that fall into the flycatcher species.  I actually witnessed one catching a fly! Ahhh yes, it's definitely an art.
By mid-afternoon the sun truly did appear so the men were off to the slope. I on the other hand caught up on some reading and enjoyed a brief siesta.  Life is good! Below is my view for bird watching.  In the distance, to the left is the site of the flying slope.  Photos of the pilots doing their thing will follow when we have our first full day of flight and I make the trek to the slope.

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